247 Live Customer Support (247LCS.com)

247LCS.com is a Software Services and Technology services firm currently providing end-to-end IT services and business solutions to clients in India and United States. Constant innovation and quality consciousness has allowed its highly professional workforce to serve its clients in varied domain areas.

One of the core areas of expertise for 247LCS.com is Software Solutions and human resources supplementation. We have created our own powerful delivery rules and customer specific solutions, with a commitment to delivering high quality services. It continues to enhance its offerings in this technological space, with excellence.

247LCS.com services are fully adaptable to a variety of industries and a diverse range of businesses.

Key Differentiator

24x7 Support

We adopt 24x7x365 support model, we are ready to help you all the 365 days of the year at anytime you need us. This delivery model enables 247LCS.com to scale project staffing rapidly to meet client needs, to engage in concurrent development and to employ a virtual 24-hour work day on client projects.